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(Printed in the Algemeiner Journal 2.18.05)
The food smelled great with flavor,
I was to be served first, as a favor,
The chef was doing his very best,
For I was different than the rest.

(Printed in Soul Series 2002)
On my visit to the Fatherland,
My mood rises with the lively band,
Bicycle riding, tennis or kick ball,
Germany, it is a fun place for all.

Who would ever believe,
That this dear, dear place,
Was once a haven,
For an evil master race.

Some are slow children,
Some are fast children,
Some are sad children,
Some are happy children.

Some are weak children,
Some are strong children,
Some are crying children,
Some are smiling children.
As a young boy I was told,
I will understand as I grow old.

As for now,
In the gardens of roses,
I take delight,
To marvel at nature,
In it's awesome sight