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Passover Miracles Needed Today

Passover Miracles Needed Today


Miracles of Passover are Needed Today



April is here and spring is in the air.  Soon Passover and Easter will be celebrated and eyes turn to the Holy Land.  Israel is the mother land for religions, the place where religious people draw their inspiration.  It’s always in the prayers and hearts of many.  So hopefully the holidays will bring stability to the region.

Passover is an eight-day Jewish holiday of biblical origin.  It marks the emergence of Jews as a unique nation, under the leadership of Moses, who is considered the greatest Jewish prophet in history.

The holiday commemorates the redemption of Jews from slavery in the land of Egypt some 3318 years ago.  On this evening families gather together and observe the holiday by reciting the story of Jewish hardships, living in slavery, from a book called, The Hagaddah.  The meal is replete with many symbols.  The wine represents wealth and happiness.  The herbs represent the bitterness of slavery and the unleavened bread represents bread baked hurriedly by Jews before their departure from Egypt.  The Jewish nation wandered forty years in the desert culminating with the arrival in the land of Canaan, currently called Israel.

Now, 3318 years later, Israel, once again, is faced with slavery and bondage.  This slavery is different.  Israel is now under siege from its own people.  They are undecided as to the direction of their country.  Radicalism is suffering on both sides.  Some want more settlements while others wish to have all the settlements closed and removed.  Build a smaller, but safer country, they claim.  Neither Jews nor Arabs are happy with the turn of events.  Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert seems to be having problems with the extreme Israelis. 

This month the Hamas government took power of their Palestinian brethren.  They will rule with a 24-member cabinet.  Part of their cabinet consists of 14 ministers that are former convicted terrorists.  They had been arrested and served time in Israeli jails for violence.  The leadership’s new Prime Minister is Ismail Haniyeh, who said that Hamas will stay firm.  It will not call off “Jihad” against the Jewish state.  If Hamas’s past violent behavior is taken into account we have lots to worry about.

Meanwhile Israeli leadership has said that it will suspend millions of tax transfers to the new Palestinian leadership until there is a rescinding of the Hamas war against Israel.  The newly elected Israeli parties need to establish a clear and defined plan in dealing with their Palestinian neighbors.  Their recent election has produced a hodge podge leadership.  No party has a clear majority that is needed to lead the Jewish state.

Israel needs a miracle, a miracle resembling the one that helped form them as a nation 3118 years ago, something to supersede normal events.  Today there are tens of thousands of people waiting for a miracle.  They need a good prophet to come and bring them the news that there will be peace.  That Israel and the Arabs can live and co-exist for the next thousand years in peace. 

It will take a miracle for Israel to be liberated from their own internal bickering and fighting over that which is right and that which is wrong.  I pray that Hamas and the Arabs be more understanding and accepting of the road towards friendly co-existence with Israelites. 

On Wednesday evening, April 12th, the Jewish nation will be celebrating the holiday of Passover.  What a wonderful Passover miracle and gift it would be for all of us if there was peace.  As the old Jewish prayer says, “Next year in Jerusalem,” but we need peace today!