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Hamas is Everyone's Business

Hamas is Everyone's Business

(Printed in the Algemeiner Journal 2/24/06 and on Shmais 2/20/06)


Hamas Is Everyone’s Business


The recent vote among the Palestinian people tells us the mindset of their citizens.  Hamas won 76 seats and Fatah 43.  Hamas now controls the Palestinian parliament since it has the majority of the 132 seats.  One leader, Mushir al-Masri, is quoted “Israel and negotiating with it is not on our agenda.”  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said “You cannot have one foot in politics and one foot in terror.”  But strangely no full condemnation of Hamas’ platform to destroy the State of Israel has been addressed.

This situation reminds me of an ancient parable.

There once lived a little mouse that we will name Moshe Mouse.  He lived in a small house peacefully until a new owner claimed ownership.  It was a Mrs. Chama.  She was a wretched person full of animosity and hatred to anything that moved.  She said, “I am the mistress of this home and I have no room for any living creature.”  She rid herself of the pet dogs and cats and proceeded to set a mousetrap for the little hungry mouse.  The mouse, recognizing its dreadful situation went outside to seek help.  There he met the chicken.  “Chicken can you help me in removing the mouse trap?  If it stays there I will be killed.”  The chicken clucked and said, “I give Chama eggs and pay my dues.”  Moshe Mouse scurried on and then met the goat.  He asked the old goat if he could help.  The goat, too, answered, “When the mistress Chama is belligerent and needs some nourishment I calm her down by giving some of my goat’s milk.”  In desperation little Moshe Mouse hurried on to the barn where he met a big cow.  “Can you help me save myself by removing the mouse trap?”  The cow mooed and said, “I am sorry, I am a steady provider to Chama with a daily portion of milk, so your problem is not my problem.”  The poor mouse was despondent and panicky. 

That night a snake, searching for food, happened to enter the house and was caught in the mousetrap.  The excited Chama ran to the trap gleefully thinking of how she entrapped and killed Moshe Mouse.  But to her dismay there was a live snake there.  The snake quickly bit Chama and she fell sick.  Chama went to the doctor and was told to try some chicken soup.  So the chicken was taken from the coup and killed, cooked, and made into chicken soup.  Still not feeling satisfied and healthy she asked the doctor for another cure.  He said, “A little tender goat meat should do the job.”  So there went the nanny goat.  Still feeling sick she decided that if the chicken soup and the goat meat didn’t work, it was time for a steak.  The poor cow was duly slaughtered and turned into a steak, all this done in the name of procuring the health of Chama.

This analogy is that Moshe Mouse may be the State of Israel, Chama may be Hamas, the sad end of the chicken that lays the eggs may describe the situation of the recent French violence by Islamic militants, the killing of the nanny goat tells us of the bombings in London, England and New York, USA.   The slaughtering of the cow is the major unrest taking place in Europe.  The mouse - Israel is now scared.  Who knows what Hamas is up to? 

But I know for sure that it is no good.  They are a group inbred with violence.  They will not disarm or close their military terrorist ring and will continue murdering innocent citizens in Israel or worldwide.

We thought we were safe but now we know otherwise.  Take Iraq and Iran, for example.  How much unrest and wanton daily bombings are taking place.

Analysis is needed as to why we allowed a destructive group of people to be elected.  Something no different to what Europe did when they allowed Hitler’s party to be elected in the early 30s in the name of democracy. 

I fear for Moshe Mouse.