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On Star as a Spritual Guide

On Star as a Spritual Guide

(Printed in Daily Breeze 6/20/06)


On Star as a Spiritual Guide



“I know who you are,” said the voice, “I can tell where you are exactly.” 

“Tell me where I am” I said. 

“You are in your car in front of your home.” 

Quite startled I answered, “I believe you are right.” 

The voice continued.  “I can tell you where you are at all times.  If you need help I can help you.  Imagine, if you get lost I will help you find directions.  Even if you become unable to reach for help I will do it for you.”

Now, being a bit of a skeptic, I asked “Can you really help me find a kosher restaurant?  I need one now,” I said. 

“Sure,” came the answer.  In less than 30 seconds the voice said “There is a kosher restaurant in the vicinity and I will help you get there.” 

I thought I had finally arrived.  God Almighty is speaking to me.  I have reached new spiritual heights.  I asked, and God answered, so I thought.

But, lo and behold, to my great surprise, it wasn’t God nor my guardian angel, it was my new General Motors factory installed On-Star program speaking.  It comes free with a new car purchase and is activated by the owner when learning how to use the car.

I thought God was with me at all times and places.  But instead of God being my co-pilot On-Star had kicked in.  I always felt that if I got lost or was in an accident I would pray and call to God for help.  But now I am told that it is not necessary as On-Star will always be with me.  If an accident happens On-Star will automatically contact the Police, Fire Department, or Paramedics. 

I soon became aware that the GM Company will contact me by E-mail and let me know how my car is feeling.  It will let me know when I need an oil change, air in my tires, or other incidentals.  It can also tell me how many miles I have driven and offer me a gas allowance. 

Oh, how great technology is, I thought.

Jokingly I asked the On-Star operator, the person behind the voice, if On-Star could also tell me my spiritual condition?  Does it let me know how things are going, like do I need more good deeds or spirit in my religious practice?  She took my remarks in good taste and concluded the conversation. 

Still sitting in my car I contemplated what had happened.  I thought how wonderful it would be if there would indeed be a spiritual On-Star giving us directions when we are spiritually off base, calling us in case of emergencies to remember God and prayer.  It may be that On-Star is onto something, reminding us that the star of the show is truly God.  Guaranteed 24/7 / 365.