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Middle East Fight is our Fight too

Middle East Fight is our Fight too


This month my son got married.  At one of the parties in honor of this event I met an old friend.  He is proud American-born, as good as apple pie.  He has two teenage girls and a son who just turned twenty.  His wife is a nutritionist and he is a software engineer.

The children have attended my private Jewish school and are fine young people.  Presently their son is in Israel together with his 19 year-old sister.  As American Jews they felt a need to help the State of Israel by joining the Israeli army.  Their father had also served in the Israel armed forces, so the children followed his example.

“Where is your boy stationed?” I asked.

“In Israel, near Lebanon” came the answer.  “He is learning about himself.  Both he and his sister are placed near the quiet Lebanese border area.”

Now, days later, everything has changed.  Where there was quiet and peace there is noise and war.  Soldiers have been kidnapped.  The army has ordered action to be taken.  A friend of his has been wounded, another killed and his sister has been moved to a safer zone.  There is death in the air.  It is a full blown war!

What can Israel do to stop the Hezbollah?  Are they going to beat Lebanese citizens into submission and obliteration?  Does Israel really think that by capturing and destroying Lebanon they will be better off?  Israel always wins its wars but ends up suing for peace.  There is so much bloodshed and destruction all in the name of peace.

For the record, world allied forces have captured Saddam Hussein, occupied Iraq and freed Baghdad.  Are things any safer for the Iraqi people?  Just follow the daily bombings and senseless killings. 

Iran and the Palestinians were given a taste of democracy and did things get better?  No!  Things got worse.  They voted for Hezbollah, Hamas and Shiite extremists.  This has brought a complete breakdown of government.  They now speak of the destruction of Israel, America, and now Shiite run countries. 

The very mere fact that Iran and Syria are havens for Hezbollah tells us that this newest conflict is something very big, bigger than we care to admit.  It is a small pregnancy that will end in the birth of a monster, a full blown Middle East battle between Israel, Arab Sunnis and Shiites, including the Western countries. 

It’s high noon for the U.N. to step in and demand that democratic countries be free, to operate within their own borders freely, and with safety.  That they be given the right to take any action that protects its people. 

Israel has no need for a Lebanese war but has a dying need for peace.  All it wants is a quiet border town, to be left alone.  They want to build new safe and pleasant towns for its citizens.

Now what options are there for Israel when their young men are kidnapped, killed and their cities are bombed by missiles? 

They need to destroy the terror bases.  The countries that encourage the violence by offering a haven, with money, supplies and terror training for the Hezbollah, Hamas, and hostile Arabs need to get the message.  By harboring and supporting terror you jeopardize your country’s safety. 

If Israel keeps on bombing Lebanon it will be left with a situation of global consequence, an occupation of the people with no decisive peace plan.  Remember we went into Iraq with the wish to bring peace and now we are stuck.  If America can’t get Iraq to govern its people how can Israel expect the frail Lebanese government to govern its people.  Unfortunately there are no good options left!

Israel must completely destroy the Hezbollah and by doing so it will keep the dream of democracy alive in the Middle East. 

Giving shelter to terrorist extremists is too costly for all countries involved.  Last but not least, we must deal with Iran.  It is the country that does almost all the training, funding, and terror.    It is a crying shame that Israel has to do the fighting for us while we do talking. The latest Israel / Arab conflict is really a global one.  We need to get involved before it becomes totally uncontrollable.