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Course Overview

Days to Celebrate: Demystifying Lesser-Known Festivals of the Jewish Calendar 


During these trying times, everyone is looking for something to celebrate. Fortunately, the Jewish calendar offers us many such opportunities throughout the current season. This five-part miniseries will enrich your appreciation of these special days. Explore their history, discover their significance, and learn about the traditional observances associated with these days.


Lesson Outline


Lesson 1


During this time of year, Jews around the world count each day for seven weeks to mark off the days left until Shavuot—the day that we received the Ten Commandments. Why do we count and what does it mean for us? Is it just an ancient ritual or can it become a contemporary self-help program that will dramatically improves our lives? Join us for a discussion on the counting of the omer and discover its life changing formula for success. When performed correctly, the counting can become a daily regimen for self-refinement that will improve your relationship with others, your relationship with yourself, and most importantly, your relationship with G‑d.

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