Mikvas Chana

Mikvas Chana is open for women by appointment only.  That is one hour after sunset.  You can make your appointment by calling the main Mikvah Matron, Rebbetzin Devory Gottlieb at (310) 626-2220, (424) 263-4828 or (310) 326-8234.  Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance.

If you would also like further information about Mikvah or would like a tour please call Devory Gottlieb at the above numbers.

It's never too late!

You say you did'nt go when you were younger...  what's the point of going now?  There is point indeed!  G‑d waits for every Jew, unto his very last living day, to repent, to return to Him, to go in the ways of the Torah.  In fact, regrets about the past, the errors of youth should be the catalyst for positive deeds in the present.  Whatever the reasons for not observing the laws of Jewish Family Purity (taharas ha'mishpocho) in the past, the Almighty is forgiving and welcomes all sincere repentants with "open arms."  The Rabbis tell us that a person who has strayed from his faith and has returned is even more worthy than the perfectly righteous individual.  If you are past menopause, why not go to a Mikvah just one final time and enjoy the rest of your married life together in the comforting knowledge that you have done the right thing.

You say you are past menopause ... and no longer need a Mikvah!  It depends.  According to Jewish law, if you did not immerse yourself in a mikvah after your very last menstrual period, you are still considered nidah and are committing a grave transgression with each act of intercourse.  Therefore, you should go to a mikvah one final time, and then continue to live a happily married life in the spirit of the Torah.

Mikvahs are much different these days!  Years ago, observing a full traditional Jewish life was quite difficult for some people.  Most kosher foods had to be prepared at home.  (Perhaps you can still recall the scene as your mother soaked and salted the meat as part of the "Koshering" process.  When reminiscing you might even scent the delicious aroma wafting from the freshly baked chalah.)  Jewish schools were not able to interest the youngsters of those days.  As some mikvahs were perhaps not as appealing or comfortable as they could have been.

Today, however, everything is so much easier and pleasanter.  Especially mikvahs.  Most Jewish communities boast modern, clean and convenient facilities for fulfilling this very basic commandment of Judaism.  The little extra effort required to perform this important ritual is certainly worth the magnificient reward - spiritual, psychological, and loving family relationships.

Why isn't a bath or shower good enough?  Many Jews harbor the misconception that the laws of immersion are related to the need for physical cleanliness.  Therefore, they reason, in modern times, with all the facilities available in every home, going to a mikvah is no longer necessary.  Nothing called be further from the truth!  Immersion in a mikvah bestows spiritual cleanliness, an aura of holiness, purity and consecration in the life between husband and wife.

Make G‑d a partner in your marriage!  The world around us is a sorry sight to behold, especially family life.  Divorce is rampant.  At times, families are broken up for the most insignificant reasons.  Children do not respect their parents, husbands and wives often do not respect each other.  Throughout history, on the other hand, Jewish family life has been a shining example of strength, unity, love and durability.  A Jew's home was his fortress, his haven, his source of strength in a hostile world.  What makes the difference?  The presence, indeed the partnership, of G‑d within the Jewish family makes this basic social unit a miniature sanctuary - sacred, inviolate, indestructible!  And we can cause the presence of G‑d to reside among us by observing His Torah and His commandments - especially the laws of Jewish family purity.

"O taste and see that the L-rd is good."


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