The Seven Laws of Noah

1.   Believe in G‑d

G‑d is one.  Everything comes from Him.  Natural forces and all physical matter are merely His creations, so:  Don't worship mountains, animals, idols, money or assorted objects.  Only G‑d Himself.

2.   Respect G‑d

G‑d is infinite, people are finite.  Our intelligence is on a different wavelength, thus, we cannot understand His ways.  When something bad happens, don;t feel He abandoned you.  Trust Him.  Don't curse others in His name.  It's all for the best.

3.   Respect Human Life

Any manslaughter denies the sanctity of G‑d given life and reduces man to an animal in the jungle.  So don't kill anyone.  (Pretty simple)

4.   Respect the Family

Healthy families, as defined by Adam, Eve, and company are the core of healthy societies.  Don't commit adultery, incest, or any other immoral relationships, for that matter.

5.   Respect Property and Rights of Others

All we need comes from G‑d.  To rob or cheat is to break this trust and leads to anarchy.  Ultimately, one cannot use or own something taken from another.  This one's not too complicated.  Don;t steal anything!  Not even a penny.

6.  Create a System of Justice

Establishing a strong legal system creates a society worthy of G‑d's blessing, where serenity, order and civilization region in balance and order.  Be sure there are fair laws, fair courts and fair officials, and always obey the law, now.

7.   Respect Animals

G‑d gave us permission to eat animals to a certain limit, beyond which is cruel.  This limit is never eat from an animal if it's still alive.  If you must eat them, kill them first as humanely as possible.