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Dear Friend,
Shalom U’Bracha-
Peace and Blessings to you and your loved ones.
Race, Rights and Riots
The past two weeks have been tumultuous, riotous and violent.
We saw and experienced the lawless and disorderly behavior of tens of thousands. Protesters, looters, policemen, National Guard troops, and security were all mixed up. A full race war was the fear of many as the President tweeting messages spoke of LAW & ORDER being the reason for more troops and policing.
The explanations given by top politicians is doubtlessly confusing and strange.
The damage afflicted to the country’s soul will take years to heal with remaining scars. No simple answers are available. We have opened a Pandora’s box and need to deal with a new reality.
As a Jew I do know that when people lose control of their emotions bad things happen. We have a long history of suffering. Our response has been different at times but it shouldn’t be at the cost of innocent people and livelihoods.
We need to have a better venue.
There is an old Jewish Folk-Saying: “You can’t chew with somebody’s else’s teeth”. We may never know what the people thought while engaging in the disturbances. All I know is that our great country was held hostage by unruly mobs.
We know that the reason given by the mobs, so called protesters of the injustice, is due to police having dual standers one for the whites and a second one for the black people. Consequently the black population has suffered immeasurable hurt. The last two weeks were a wake up call to what could happen if the discrepancies don’t stop.
There is a story told of a lifeguard working for the beach safety patrol. The life guard was very busy pulling drowning people out of the beach. One astute beach goer yelled at the lifeguard to stop his lifesaving work and just go to the pier and stop the person from pushing people off the pier into the waters!
If we were astute in dealing with the problem we would go to the root of the problem. We would stop the person from pushing the innocent people off the pier into the beach waters.
We collectively have the responsibility to teach the young people that there is a G-d and that there are laws that we must live by.
That saying, The Ten Commandments are the blueprints for the way to live by.
The Ten Commandments are not ten suggestions. They are G-d given and not negotiable.
By keeping them we ensure that society stays healthy which is our obligation to keep the world a safe and Harmonious place to live in.
Yes G-d, you may say is color blind, but G-d is not blind to Humankind and we all are created in the image of G-d.
We should consider a moment of silence to think of G-d and mankind, Bending one knee or two!
Have a safe Shabbos
Your friend,
Rabbi Eli Hecht 
Regional Director
Feather and Quill