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Things are good!
I am very proud to share the latest news with you my friends:
I’m happy to hear the children singing and running around the Chabad House.
We have gone from a spooky empty Chabad center to a great noisy one. Everything is wonderful as our Chabad center is coming back to life. We have morning indoor minyan during the week, and a shabbos minyan on the front lawn.
The computers are busy connecting us with zoom classes and lectures. The Bilowit Learning Center is open, CGI Day Camp is gearing up for a wonderful summer and the phone rings off the hook.
Check the updated timely zoom reminders sent out for our excellent classes and programs. There is something for everyone.
Thank you Rabbi Sholom and Hinda for keeping the creative programs going strong.
Thank G-d that we are able to live with the temporary lock down. For our safety and well-being we are following closely and diligently the government and state guidelines including a safe reopening of all of our programs. Remember that prevention is our best friend!
With all of the problems facing us as a nation we may get down on our luck and feel lost. Depression and pain is felt by many people. So what can we do?
The Holy Rebbe, Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Chassidic movement, led the way in teaching his followers “worshiping G-d with Joy”, is what we can do and must do!
The great Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, had a lesson to share that went like this:
When asked how things are, don't whine and grumble about your hardships. If you answer "Lousy," then G-d says, "You call this bad? I'll show you what bad really is!"
When asked how things are and, despite hardship or suffering you answer "Good," then G-d says, "You call this good? I'll show you what good really is!"
I believe that we must think of the good things that we can do and need to do. Think of Mitzvahs and help with a  smile. We now have many new opportunities for more good deeds!
Support us and help keep our Chabad financially strong.
Seek ways to make your day brighter, make that list of things that we are grateful for, and acknowledge the good.
Riots and rights are our concerns. Torah and Mitzvah are the pleasant way to correct the wrong.
By following the Mitzvahs we will prevail in making the world a safer place for all.
Have a super wonderful shabbos
Rabbi Eli
Rabbi Eli Hecht 
Regional Director
Feather and Quill