Maccabees Are Back

A few months ago an Israeli government official announced that American Jewry should not meddle in Israel's policies. Subsequently, an alleged statement made by an Israeli official, Mr. Yossi Beilin, and Deputy Foreign Minister Eli Dayan, the liaison to the Diaspora, that American Jewry donations may not really be needed. Aliya from Brooklyn also is questionable. Now I am hearing that if certain synagogues don't obey the dictates of current Israeli leaders, they will have the rabbi removed, his house taken away or more!

Does it sound crazy? But, it's true. Who would ever believe that the Israeli government is telling one of the most prestigious synagogues in the United States, the Shaarei Zion congregation of Brooklyn, how to run their business? They are telling the congregants to boycott the synagogue.

Instead of reviewing what they have been doing wrong, the Israeli government is out deflecting their problems by causing American Jewry new problems. In the past these government officials haven't reached out to the American synagogues except for financial handouts. These handouts were usually organized by the rabbi and synagogue lay people. Now we have "biting of the hands that fed them". What perfidious people!

Continued pressure is being put on the American rabbinate to join in condemning the recent Rabin assassination, as if they were the cause. Will this cure all the problems existing in Israel? What rubbish!

American Jewry will not be intimidated. If anything, they demand a swift and hard explanation as to why the Shin Bet, the security police under government jurisdiction, did nothing to protect the Prime Minister. Why is there no explanation as to the leadership of the extreme nationalist groups in Israel? Are they double agents in the opposition as reported in the media?

The Orthodox have not been persuaded to modify their disagreement to the peace for land.  Why should they? After all, it is against the Torah to support any movement that returns the holy land of Israel to the Arabs.

The graves of the brave Maccabees are now being discovered. Why are their bones being disturbed? As we don't believe in accidents, there must be a message.

They are once again calling out, "Have no fear, Orthodox Jews, remember it's right against might." As it says in the prayer, "You, G‑d, delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak." You waged their battles, defended their rights and avenged the wrong done to them.