Rabbi Eli Hecht Articles 2005

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Jumping to Conclusions (Printed in the L.A. Times 1.1.05)

After Closure New Beginnings - Yahrzeit (P. Telegram 1.9.05, Jewish Press 1.21.05)

Oh, G‑d, The Plates (Printed in the Algemeiner Journal 2.18.05)

Gaza Pull Out - An Act of Desperation (Shmais 2.25.05)

Only in America - Capitol Events Show America's Grace (D. Breeze 3.20.05)

Farewell to the Pope (A. Journal 5.27.05)

Child's Play - Lag B'Omer (A. Journal 6.10.05)

Waiting for the Op-Ed (Printed on Shmais 6.2.05, The Jewish Press 6.10.05, The Algemeiner Journal 6.10.05)

Being the Best Father You Can Be (D. Breeze 6.19.05, J. Press 6.24.05)

We Don't Believe in Miracles, We Just Count on Them

Ghetto Mentality

Israel's Painful Yearning For Peace (Printed in the Daily Breeze 8.10.05)

Without Faith Can We Really See? (Printed in the Daily Breeze 10.2.05)

The World is a Sukkah and G‑d is its Cover (Printed in the P. Telegram 10.16.05)

10th Anniversary of Rabin Assassination

Munich - A Movie Not to See (Printed in the Daily Breeze 12.28.05)