Ruining God’s World – The Oil Catastrophe


Traditionally the month of June marks happy occasions - graduations, weddings, and summer camps.  However, this June marks continuous uncontrollable oil flow from a man-made oil well in the ocean.  Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent in an effort to stop this ongoing tragedy.  Beaches, businesses, and lives have been impacted by the ongoing oil flow.  So many plans implemented, yet to no avail.  The unprecedented oil leak gushes to the ocean and continues unabated.  What is happening we wonder?

Imagine, there is now a continuous live internet picture depicting the oil flow 24/7.  This internet picture is the longest running show we have ever witnessed.  It's been being viewed by millions of people and is truly a horrible sight unfolding in front of our eyes. 

The Baal Shem Tov, founder of the world Chassidic Movement, taught that whatever one sees or hears, a lesson must be learned from it.  What can be learned from this catastrophe?  Why has God allowed this to continue?  It may be that we need to learn that we cannot understand God's plan for us; and that we need to conform to God's plans.  Acknowledging the fact that there is a need to be humble and bend to the will of God.

A couple of months ago we experienced a God made volcano.  Tens of millions of dollars were lost and many lives were affected.  It’s called an act of God.  Why would God do such a thing, people wondered?  Some were angry at God for this catastrophe which disrupted the flow of man's plans. 

There were ones who said that if we would run the world this would not happen!

So consequently God agrees, and gives them a chance to choose freely and waits to see what they can do with the world.

In the race to have more oil available we tap world resources recklessly, putting profit before safety!  We rush into things and jeopardize the safety of people and the environment.  It may be coal or gold mines or oil wells.  

Recent man-made accidents are the net result.  At times we humans use our free will in a wise fashion.  Other times we are guilty of abusing God's world.

I suggest that we set aside a bit of time not only to watch and read about catastrophes but to pray that we make the right decisions and that this man-made oil gusher come to an end.  We need to help others in coping.  The President can’t stop the flow whether he shows anger or not. 

Remember, it’s a man-made catastrophe and we need to take responsibility