It is well known that religion teaches one never to lose hope. 


When speaking of never losing hope I looked for a sign currently in the world, and found a great one.  The message can be seen and felt with the recent miracle of the rescue of 33 miners in Chile.  The miners were trapped a half mile under the earth.  The miracle was finding them, nourishing them, and keeping their hopes alive.  So many people getting together from all fields, from NASA to drilling experts.  From heaven and earth they came to save lives. 


What is incredible is that nobody questions the worth of a miner!  The millions spent on part of a questionable rescue is mind boggling. 


All resources were put to work to save each human being one at a time.  Somehow, somewhere, incredibly, this major event captured the hearts, money and imagination of the world.  A chance to save lives had all our attentions and the world reacted on this for days, weeks, and months!


Now is the time to take inspiration from the rescue.  We too are on a rescue mission, a spiritual mission.  We need to rescue the world from ignorance and apathy.  Every individual is precious in the eyes of God.  We should expend all our resources to save our world.


So, let’s use this event as a springboard and redouble our efforts to mine and dig deep in our hearts to find ways to rescue the world one soul at a time. 


No one should question the worth of a human soul.