Homosexual Status and Marriage

A new movement is trying to revive an old sin: the state sanction of homosexual marriage. It's disturbing that same-sex lovers have a need to prove that their alternative lifestyle is legal.  In the past this behavior was not important enough to merit state recognition. However, now homosexuals want that changed. Instead of separation of church and state, they want the state to define marriage that would include homosexual ceremonies. The religion (churches) will be forced to accept this travesty. Maybe the new homosexual Bible can be fixed to read, "' the Lord told Adam and Steve not to conceive but to have fun." Forget about being fruitful and multiplying. It just doesn't work. The Ten Commandments can eliminate "Thou shall not commit adultery," since we won't know how to interpret marriage.

I say enough is enough. Gays are not everywhere. The recent sex surveys have proven over and over that it's probably less than 3 percent of the population who have an active alternative sexual lifestyle and yet they make 97 percent of the noise.

A two hour television film, Serving in Silence, which aired on February 6, told of the experience of Magarethe Cammermeyer, an Army nurse who was discharged in 1989 because she identified herself as a lesbian.

The highlighted nature of the film was "lesbian kissing".

I believe that kiss was "a kiss of death" because it really made it clear that classic homosexuality is not classic normalcy.

A newsletter given out by the Family Defense Council, from a New York based moral organization demanded that NBC advertisers stop supporting the shows that undermine natural marriage and sexual relationships.

"We ...protest your sponsorship...undeniably, this film promotes acceptance of homosexuality. The effect of your advertising dollars is to strengthen the homosexual political agenda set forth in the 1993 Gay March on Washington. Gay demands include same-sex marriage and the right to teach schoolchildren that homosexuality is normal, healthy and an alternative to heterosexuality."

I believe that we need not apologize for equating homosexuality as an abomination. In the Bible the laws against adultery are in the same context as the laws against sinning; something that should not be done. What is disturbing about this behavior is that it's being portrayed as a movement and a right in itself rather than a personal preference.

Yes, I do condemn homosexual behavior but I do not condemn people for their problems. Be aware that I know quite a few homosexuals. They have been friends in the past and our friendship continues. They respect me for my feelings. When practical help is needed by either party, it is extended.

As a rabbi I always set aside quality appointment time for eye-to-eye discussions. Whether someone has a gay son, daughter, brother, sister or spouse, if they wish to discuss the spiritual ramifications, I have always been there and I plan to be there forever.

Homosexuality is wrong. Legislation sanctioning homosexual marriage should be stopped before they are accepted.