Law of Return

This week, in an unprecedented move by the Jewish Federation, a hand-carried packet was delivered to every school affiliated with the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. Enclosed was a letter from the Bureau of Jewish Education asking that a petition be signed immediately to be presented to the government of Israel. The petition highlighted the reinterpretation of the Law of Return and legislation by the State of Israel regarding who is a Jew and is a volatile issue. For many this is directly opposed to Jewish Orthodox philosophies and personal wishes.

I ask the following:

Why is the Federation putting pressure on Jewish schools to involve innocent children in such a controversial and destructive petition?

Who is paying for all of this?

What will be the next dictates from the Federation to our schools?

If the Federation espouses the motto, "We Are One" - meaning that all branches of organized Judaism are represented - why are the Orthodox being misrepresented by this petition?

Our strength has been in unity and not in issuing controversial policies for the destiny and democracy of the State of Israel. Blackmail is the least impressive form of persuasion.