Jerusalem Means City of Peace

Much time may be needed to understand the meaning of Israel's rejection of the U.N. efforts to call parts of Jerusalem "an occupied territory." But less time is needed for us to realize that the Holy City, Jerusalem, may not be the city of peace.

The now infamous October 8 Temple Mount riot and subsequent bloodshed on the temple area has dashed any hope for a peaceful city. The reports from the media read something like, "The troops are back and shooting innocent Arabs." The United Nations resolution to censor followed quickly and, once again, the Jews were to blame.

Now there are printed reports telling of Iraqi's cruelty. Cases of assault, rape, infanticide and continual murder were reported. The eye witnesses who gave this report were none other than good Kuwaiti citizens, representatives of the Arab world. As of yet, the Iraqi government has not attempted to even reply to the charges or bothered to explain the acts. There is no accountability!

How is it that we read about racial fighting and police actions to stop it, and we accept it as a matter of fact. For South Africa, this has become the norm. We accept and understand reports of police putting down rebellion and protests. The governments have indicated that any bloodshed is for a peaceful solution. However, when an army of 3,000 Arabs waging a "holy" war stone Jews at their holiest place, the world says nothing. When the plan to stop them ends in bloodshed, the world cries, "Massacre."

  I also question the United Jewish Appeal announcement last week that missions to Israel would not be visiting parts of Jerusalem. By excluding the holy city from the U.J.A., Federation, itinerary they give credence to the idea that Israel and its capital are not a safe place for Jews. I, for one, question the wisdom of such a policy. Imagine visiting the United States of America and not being able to see Washington, D.C. due to unrest!

  On Monday, October 22, the Los Angeles Times reported the following, - Palestinian Stabs 3 Jews to Death in Jerusalem. A spokesman for Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir blamed the U.N. action for creating a climate that encourages outbreaks of violence.

"The base murders in Jerusalem are one of the results of the atmosphere that was crated primarily by the denunciation of Israel in the Security Council that encourages extremist Arab elements to attack Jews," said the spokesman, Avi Pazner.

Jerusalem's police captain has been quoted as saying, "The U.N. sanction has given Arabs the license to kill Jews." The captain went on to explain that Arabs are unconcerned with the consequences and the police department will be implementing rules to keep Jerusalem free of visiting Arabs. I wonder how Jerusalem will look without Arabs and how it can exist without Jews at the Holy Wall.

To find answers for the turbulence and bloodshed, I called a friend in Israel and asked him for the scoop. He told me the following. "The pressure is on. We just received our gas masks and we don't like it. We are told to stay away from Jerusalem⬢s holy places, that we have to wait and be attacked and then to defend ourselves. It reminded him of the old condition prevailing in 1929 before the Hebron's Massacre. "You know it's hard to live five minutes away from a missile attack!"

Israel is receiving a lot of negative attention and criticism while other countries around them are receiving American aid. With all the problems happening I wonder if Secretary Baker would be king enough to print his famous telephone number in Arabic so Hussein and PLO extremists could call and explain what their peace plan is for the Middle East. In the meantime, let's hope Jerusalem will be safe enough for Jews and Arabs alike.

It is well known that the name Jerusalem in Hebrew translates to "city of peace." Let's pray it stays that way.