Herzl's Ghost Couldn't Visit the Temple Mount

A student once came to his Rabbi - "Teach me the path to peace."  The Rabbi answered with the following parable. 

A man called Jacob was walking through a forest had lost his way.  For days Jacob wandered among the trees cutting his way through the dense foliage.  He could not discover a path out.  For three whole days he continued his search, repeatedly imagining that, at last, he was approaching the path to freedom.  However, each time he discovered that he had only become more lost.  At his wits end a strange man appeared before him.  Everything about the stranger showed him to be a man of the forest - a woodsman.  His clothes were woven from bark, his beard was wild and unkempt, his feet were bound in rags, in one hand he held a gnarled stick and in the other a flower.

Jacob ran towards the stranger "You've no idea how delighted I am to have found you.  Surely you can show me the way out of this forest.  I've been wandering for days looking for the right path."

The stranger asked "How long did you say you have been lost in the forest?"  "Three whole days I've been searching for a path out of the forest" the man cried.  The stranger said, "Just look at me!  For ten years I've been wandering unable to find my way out of this mess."

The lost man burst into tears and said, "When I saw you I felt I was saved and that you would show me the way.  Alas I see there is no hope."

So it is with the peace talks in Israel.

Like Jacob the State of Israel has been wandering through the forest.  What we know now is, that there are paths, but they do not lead out of the forest.

Land for peace does not work, giving Yasser Arafat guns for his Palestinian police backfires as the guns are used against Israeli soldiers.  That asking Palestinians to guard our houses of worship is giving them the chance to destroy them.  Thus seen in Jericho and Joseph's Tomb in Shchem-Nablus.  Turning over our police stations and former Israeli security zones give Palestinians a place to torture, kill and burn innocent people.  Following the above mentioned paths leads to Israel's destruction.

One of the reasons Jews the world over support the State of Israel is due to acts of anti-Semitism.  They reason that at least in Israel we can feel safe.  However, this is a myth.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  We can't escape anti-Semitism.  If anything there is more anti-Semitism in Israel than anywhere else.

Theodore Herzl, one of the founders of the political Zionist Movement was an architect of the now State of Israel.  He wanted a land, a haven, where Jews could walk freely and live safely.  In the early 1900s he even met in Jerusalem "then called Palestine - with Sultan Abdul Hamid.  Herzl also walked on the Temple Mount!  Today he would be considered an instigator of trouble putting him in the same class as Israeli politician Ariel Sharon.  Secretary of State Madeline Albright has issued a statement saying it was Sharon's visit that "caused these tensions."  In a recent speech in Cairo, Arafat blamed the Sharon visit for igniting what he called a religious war between Muslims and Jews. All this is down right wrong.  Why should an Israeli member of Parliament be forbidden to visit his land and Temple?  All Jews should be allowed to walk freely, wherever they wish.

Since the peace talks we hear the chants of "Slaughter the Jews", "Tel Aviv is next", and "An Israel without Jews".  The message we now hear and see is of war and Israel's destruction.

Herzl's dream of a Jewish nation ruled by a Jewish government has turned into a nightmare.  Jews in Israel suffer daily from acts of violence, the malls are empty and the schools are becoming locked camps.  Synagogues, market places, and settlements have become targets of Palestinian savagery.  No Israeli is safe.  Don't be surprised if we see more and more Israelis leaving Israel.

For 52 years Israel won the battles but lost the wars - the so called Arab holy wars.  When the battle is over Israel sues for peace offering territorial concessions.  Would any victor do that.  Would any nation in the world cut their capital in half, giving up their cherished holy Temple?  Would they leave their finest and brightest living in settlements unprotected?  I really don't think so.  Why do we ask Israel to do that?

As in the parable of Jacob in the forest we have met the stranger of the forest and he is Yasser Arafat.  He has taken each path that would lead us out of the forest and destroyed it.  Arafat wants the State of Israel to remain lost in the forest.  He destroys direction by tampering with the compass of peace.  Sadly we now have two lost nations fighting in the forest.  Cutting down the trees of the forest and destroying each other is not the answer. 

I believe that Yasser Arafat must be replaced immediately.  Hezbollah, Jihad and other violent groups must be tracked down and destroyed.  If anything we must stop the innocent bloodshed of Palestinian children who are being sacrificed by misguided philosophy.

If Arabs consider themselves children of Abraham and Ishmael they ought to remember that child sacrifices stopped over   three thousand years ago in the days of Abraham, the father of both Jews and Arabs.